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It comes with year warranty and features smart app and replaceable battery. Better airflow than the Firefly 2! Dynamic vaping temperature during inhalation. Plus it's easy to clean!

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Compared to its predecessor the Pax 2, this has a faster heat up time at an average of seconds. Get the best session style experience from this portable vaporizer. Its' more durable and makes quality smooth vapor. Interchangeable glass mouth piece makes it easy to clean and has long battery life. For something portable that'll fit nicely in your pocket we recommend the Davinci IQ. Currently the most powerful desktop vaporizer. It passes all other brands when it comes to battery, heating level and vapor quality never before seen in a electronic vaporizer.

Finally something that competes well with the Volcano. Whether you go Analog or Digital, this monster will give you top vapor quality. Arizer is a big name in the dry herb vaping community, thanks to its Solo and Extreme Q vaporizers, but the Air is a great option for anybody looking for an affordable vaporizer. The Air uses ceramic and glass in its construction, to ensure a clean-tasting vapor with every puff, and features a vented upper section to improve heat dissipation. The design is really simple, with two connected buttons to control the temperature setting that you push directly inwards to start vaping.

The device uses a combination of convection and conduction heating, offering excellent performance across the temperature range. You get around one hour of continuous use per charge, and can vape while you charge too. It comes with the device, a battery, a charger, two glass stems, a glass aroma dish, a protective silicone skin, a carry case and a stirring tool. This cheap vaporizer list is mainly focused on portable vaporizer devices, but the Atmos Jump is a great option for anybody looking for a cheap herbal vaporizer pen.

The Jump has a typical vape pen like appearance, with a uniformly cylindrical body and a single button for operation. This makes it a great choice for your first cheap vape pen for dry herb — all you have to do is remove the mouthpiece, add your material and replace the mouthpiece before starting to vape. It has a 1, mAh battery, which is great for such a compact device. It will last between five and six sessions before you need to recharge, which takes two to three hours.

It has an anodized heating chamber directly underneath the mouthpiece, and it does a great job in terms of vapor and flavor. It vaporizes your herb evenly, and rivals many portable vaporizer systems when it comes to performance. It comes with a packing tool, a cleaning brush and a USB charging cable. The device has a rounded body with an LED display screen and two adjustment buttons on the side and a fire button on the front face. The G Pen Elite has a 2, mAh battery, which puts it up there with the best cheap herb vaporizer options on the market, and has onboard 2 A charging, faster than the majority of USB devices on the market.

This makes it a fantastic performer, and the wide range of temperature settings mean you have a lot of control over your vaping experience. Overall it does a great job and is well worth considering for anybody looking for the top-rated vaporizer on the market. The Magic Flight Launch Box is a really well-known and widely recommended device, and almost always makes its way onto lists of the cheap vaporizer devices for dry herb.

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There are tons of benefits to the Magic Flight Launch Box for anybody looking for an affordable dry-herb vaporizer, but the craftsmanship and the appearance of the device makes it stand out immediately. Read the full review below. The Grasshopper is currently rated as my best dry herb vape pen.

It offers replaceable batteries, quick heat up time, pure convection, great vapor quality and works well with varying load sizes. The downside to the Grasshopper is that the unit gets pretty hot with prolonged use. So they included a silicone mouthpiece guard to use with longer sessions. The mouthpiece guard also creates a perfect fit for 14mm glass pieces. Shop Grasshopper Grasshopper Review. The Sticky Brick vaporizers are exactly what the name implies.

They are wood bricks that connect together via magnets sticky and use a butane torch to produce on-demand convection heating. The Sticky Brick butane vaporizers are some of the most efficient vaporizers currently on the market plus they are hand-made in the USA from natural hardwood. It works great around the house and can easily be carried room to room. I also find the Sticky Brick OG the easiest to use of all the Sticky Brick vaporizers because you get immediate clear feedback as vapor forms in the glass mouthpiece.

The vapor quality is fantastic and it works very well with varying load sizes. The wood finish is very smooth, unique and all the pieces fit together beautifully. Sticky Brick Vaporizers also come with a lifetime warranty on the wood body and 15 days on the glass pieces. The next Sticky Brick I would recommend would be the Junior. The cool thing about the Junior is that the glass pieces can be rotated and covered for easy concealment. Set it next to some books on a bookshelf and no one would think twice.

There are no loading techniques with either of these vaporizers but they do require stirring after every couple draws. I also recommend an average grind and be sure to pick up a quality butane torch. Basically, the Hydrobrick MAXX is the complete package for someone that already has some glass at home or will plan to use glass with your vaporizer. Both of these vaporizers are more home-use portables just like the OG. This is the best of the best when it comes to portables and would be the one that I recommend most whether you are a beginner or experienced vaporist.

Basically, this is my daily driver. So for me, the best vapor quality means the best taste, the best temperature, and the best density or production. The highest rated vaporizer in this category will produce some of the best-tasting vapor that you can experience in a portable. The most portable vaporizer is possibly the smallest vaporizer, definitely easily pocketable and ready to use quickly. Best Dry Herb Vape Pen — Originally this was a pretty small market with really only one option but now I have two options!

The vaporizers in this category will mimic the look, feel, and design of a pen. They will be easily concealable and preferably heat up very quickly in order to obtain maximum discreetness. They will also fully vaporize your herbs without combustion. Best Battery Life — The best battery life category will have the portable vaporizer with the best average battery life per full charge. Best Cheap Vaporizer — If you are trying to pick up a portable vaporizer on a budget, check out my recommendation for best cheapest vaporizer. Where will you be using your portable vaporizer?

Will you be using it alone or with others? If groups, how many people? Will you be using it for long periods in between charging? How important is discreetness, size, pocketability, smell? Are you wanting a session vape minutes, similar to a joint? OR do you want a quick somewhat on demand vape Similar to a bowl, easy to break into multiple sessions? What is your budget? Video review coming soon. Subscribe to my Youtube for new releases. It completely depends on your specific situation. With that said, I believe the Crafty and the Mighty are currently the best overall portable vaporizers on the market for most people due to their ease of use and consistency.

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The best vaporizer for the person who wants replaceable batteries would be the Davinci IQ and the best vaporizer for the stealth user always on the go is the Pax 3. Do you have a portable vaporizer that you recommend or want to see reviewed before you buy? Leave a comment below or hit me up on my contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for checking out my site and have a great day. Vaporizer fanatic, Avid Skier and Mt. Hey Aaron I do have an Indica, it really does not stand out to me other than the unique design.

I personally do not use mine anymore with so many other choices. I have a few questions for you. Re maintenance, VC scared me with his review where he found the screen gets gunked up and restricts air flow. Cleaning of the oven and screen sounds like a pain. Have you found the same thing as VC?

How does Vape flavor compare between the pax 2 and gh? Does pax 2 cook through the load like pax 1 does? I also considered the Crafty, but maintenance scares me on that one too taking the top apart to clean. Big deal or no? Thx again. Yeah, I was wondering the same. The GH looks amazing, the only thing is that VW is the only person to have reviewed it yet, so there is not a lot of comparison.

Should have a review up soon! Thanks for the comment.

In order to enter, you must be 18+ or 21+ depending on your state.

I have different opinions about the Pax 2 than VC. So our experiences have differed a bit I think. I was using it last night on a quick hike at temp 3 and that was plenty high for me. You can pack any amount at any temp and get great consistent results every time. The cleaning on the Crafty is pretty minimal. I was able to get in 12 hours of use before I cleaned it my first time and even then, the unit still worked.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

It takes about five minutes to clean. I find the Grasshopper is really best for 1 or 2 people, whereas the Pax 2 works well with 1 or a group or people. Overall the Pax 2 produces smoother and cooler vapor, but the Grasshopper can produce denser vapor. The battery life on the Pax2 is better since the battery has 4x the juice mAh vs mAh but the GH does have cheap replaceable batteries so you could carry extras. In the end, they are both two of my favorite vapes, and they both get used a lot.

With the Pax2 you are paying more, but you are getting a vape that is very versatile, and you are also getting a unit that is currently available and has a proven track record of reliability and customer service. With the GH you are still getting a high quality unit, but at a cheaper price. Hope this helps man! Thanks for the positive feedback and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I bought the Orbit a while back and im looking to buy a new vaporizer and I was if you have any experience with them.

Hey Taylor, I have tried most of the Atmos vapes, unfortunately I do not recommend them because they buy lesser known and unbranded made in China vaporizers, slap their own branding on them, and double or triple the price. The Volcano is a beast, it is one of, if not the very most reliable vaporizers produced.

Volcano holds the first place spot for me too. I run two of them, always on, in my sq ft home. Click the link for vapeworld under the Pax 2 section. Thanks Abby. The PAX2 is super simple to clean, You take the top mouth piece off, the bottom oven lid off and run a ISO soaked pipe cleaner though it a few times and its done; then take a couple q-tips with ISO and fine clean the oven, the mouth piece and the inside of the top where the mouth piece goes and the screen plate.

It takes about 10 minutes to clean. The Grasshopper is the easiest to clean. You take the vape end off and use an ISO soaked q-tip fine clean each end and you are done.

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  • I love using the PAX2 to just sip on while in the recliner watching a movie and as a session vape on the porch with a couple of friends. IMO having both is perfect and I am glad I decided to get both. I pack both tight and get great results with both. Hope this helps. I give both very high praises and they are, IMO, the best portable vaporizers on the market.

    Wow Zebra I think you hit the comparison dead on! They both have their place in a lineup. My two most used portable vaporizers are the Mighty and the Grasshopper. Thanks for the comment and checking out my site! Have a great day! Thanks Buzz! You are my go to vaporizer reviewer as you are way more in-depth and not nit picky about small irrelevant details like other reviewers I check out.

    Hands down you are the best reviewer!!!! It seems pretty solid to me and the price is good. Thank you for the kind words jenks! I just finished up my full AirVape XS review! Check it out here. What about the Alfa by Goboof. Based on some YouTube reviews it seams good. You should have a go at it, would to hear your opinion. I have the Alfa, and I do actually like it quite a bit. I will be doing a full review fairly soon. Im thinking about getting a new vape, and my options are the Davinci Ascent and Pax 2.

    Which one do you recommend me? I definitely recommend the Pax 2 because I prefer and use my Pax 2 quite a bit more than my Ascent. What are your thoughts on the DaVinci Ascent? I see it on a lot of others top choices but yours. Thanks for taking the time to reach out. All three of these units can do both dry herbs and concentrates just like the Ascent and the Mighty has about the same battery life which is really the only plus side to the Ascent IMO.

    I am debating which portable vape to get, and it seems pax2 is the way to go. I was also curious about the Indica Vape as well thou. Which would you recommend?? Can you give me a brief pros and cons if possible?? The Indica is not one of my favorite portables, its just ok in my opinion. Where will you be mostly using the vape? At home? Will you be carrying it in your pocket on the go? I had a Firefly, and it was alright. Turned out it was a fake.

    The button placement kinda bothered me too. I loved how it was always clean though…. My Lotus just died — such a great vape. I will probably replace the cap with the high heat one that is coming but in the meantime I just have the Alfa which is stinky and a herb hog in comparison. Firefly vs Grasshopper? Do they serve the same purpose or do you find yourself grabbing the Firefly at home? Seems like it would be a tiny bit easier to clean and a bit cooler… But then again thats kinda a silly reason to get another vape… Thinking maybe I should just see how I like the Grasshopper. On the other hand they may release a better model.

    On the other hand perhaps the Grasshopper will replace the Alfa as my portable vape. Anyways, whats your opinion? Thank you! Also, for the record my favorites are the MFLB and Lotus because there instant on, require some easy technique, and well built. Totally different highs but both enjoyable. The Grasshoppers faster warmup is appealing…. Any preference on grinders — I have a decent metal one now but am considering upgrading to a Santa Cruz Shredder. Those knockoff Fireflies really seem to be junk. The people I have talked with that had them told me similar stories, often overheating and combustion, and sometimes not enough heat, and wasting herb.

    Sorry you experienced that. Maybe you could sell the Alfa when the GH comes out? Generally I am using using my big orange SCS though. Hi Buzz I just tried a new grinder this week that is far superior to any of my other grinders. It is made by Cuisinart, a bit bulky and definitely expensive but does a great job. Hi Buzz! Which of the vapes you have tested would fit this description the best? First of all, thanks for the article. It was descriptive, informative, and fun to read.

    I found all this out recently after purchasing the Pax 2. After reading all the reviews it seemed like the best option. In terms of all-around performance, I can sort of see what some of the hype is about, but I was utterly disappointed with the vapor quality. I considered buying a finishing grinder to enhance the vapor, but for all that I could sell and invest in a Crafty, Mighty, or Firefly. I bought the Pax 2 to quit wraps in the first place! So, is there any hope for me? Am I expecting too much from dry-vaping, or is there something out there with my name on it?

    Best suggestion? Well first off the clouds from vaping will never compete with combustion unfortunately, they will always be thinner and wispier. So before you go buying a new vape or switching anything up, I would suggest giving it at least a week. While the finishing grinder will give you the best performance, you can still any very fine grind to get better performance. If you have a 2piece grinder, just grind it extra long, and if you have a 4piece grinder, flip it upside down, and grind it extra long.

    Then make sure you pack the oven full, and also semi pack it down. Taking a week or two off sounds good. One thing that I noticed was that the moisture content of the herbs seemed to affect vapor quality as well. When I used freshly-ground herbs with the dense, sticky qualities still intact, vapor quality seemed to drop off. Is there something to this? You are definitely correct on the moisture content.

    Hi Buzz, love your site. Wanted to ask if you have had a chance to try the Herbalizer vaporizer? If they give it to me for super cheap on sale or something. How can I get a consistent vaping experience when out in the wilderness like many nights into a backpacking trip for example? Is a VaporGenie and a nice lighter the way to go? Is there anything else available? Is it comparatively difficult to get good vapor from a device like this? You could try some of the butane vapes like the Lotus, VaporGenie, vapman, hammer, lily, daisy… I will start getting some of the reviews up for these but I would check out FC first or search google for these names.

    These are all good butane vapes that could do the trick out in the woods for you. Ever get a chance to use the Lotus? Im on the fence looking for the thick dense vapes. By some videos it seems to be attained. However i was hoping rather for direct confirmation. Can those portables actually be better then the volcano? It seems to me its still champ granted i have not used as many as you have. Make sure to change your filter below every so often it does matter on this unit,at least from my findings.

    Pretty much all day everyday lol. I think the Crafty is definitely worth it. The lack of draw resistance and ease of use is the best on the market. I would check out the Grasshopper as well. I currently have an MFLB, my first and only vaporizer. I am looking for a vape to upgrade to, something small and discrete.

    The main issue with my mflb is vape density. I seem to not get very much vapor from each hit, so I am looking for something that will get me medicated fast with dense clouds. What would be your suggestions on long lasting vapes? Any suggestions will help me greatly. Does size matter? If battery life is the most important than I would look into the Mighty. It is pretty pricey but it will average about 8 bowls per full charge. It has pass-through charging which allows you to charge it and use it as well. Honestly this would be the last vaporizer you would need to buy. The other vape that I would recommend would be the Pax 2.

    I get about bowls per battery and sometimes more depending on my session length, temps, herbs, and packing type.

    Downside to the Pax 2 is the draw resistance and the chamber size. It requires a bit of a sipping technique to get the best results. The chamber size in the Pax 2 is quite a bit bigger than the Mighty. Those are the two I would start with and let me know if you have any more questions. Hey buzz, I currently own the solo and I love it! I do take it for walks and car rides but I have to be careful. Check out the Pax 2! The roommates and I will be taking a trip up to Fernie this year are you close to there at all? Hello, I am so tired of wasting money on vaporizers. First I had the vapir 2 that had to go back after much fighting with the company they sent me a new one that one was just as bad as the first one.

    So what is the B and all of portable vaporizers? I would say the Crafty is the best right now until the Grasshopper gets the production issues sorted out. Great site. I own an e-nano and a Goboof Alfa. Spend a good amount of time outside, need a decent travel vape. Crafty vs Pax 2 vs Firefly 2. I like the idea of the Crafty but the reliability issues have me scared.

    And I hear the Pax 2 has a strong draw resistance, and that seems to be a turnoff. The Pax 2 is really pretty similar to the Alfa, just a better version. Even though the Pax 2 is my go to outdoor physical activity vape, you still might want to consider the FF2 or Crafty or Grasshopper since the Alfa is pretty similar. While the Crafty does have some battery issues, I am personally still on my first unit from , so I do believe the issues are slightly over hyped. If you will have time to stop for a moment to catch your breath before hitting the Firefly 2 you will be totally fine, but if you are looking for that works while you are out of breath the Crafty and Pax 2 will work better.

    How would you rate the Flowermate compared to the more known models? I really like the stealthy design of the FM Mini Pro, and that it can pass a security check as a portable charger. Mind if I pick your brain a bit more? What about the Elite makes it your preferred choice, and which do you prefer between the Focus and the Elite? If you want a vape for mainly around the house, at a buddies place etc and you want the best vapor quality you want the Firefly 2.

    The Haze is sort of like the jack of all trades, it does everything well, but nothing amazing, so its a really versatile vape. I like the focus because its one of the best cheap vapes, but I prefer all of the other units mentioned over it otherwise. Lastly I would personally not wait on the Haze Square since it is still a prototype at this point and could be a very long ways away from being finished and who knows how it will perform or what sort of maintenance it will need with multiple rotating bowls. Thanks man, I appreciate you taking the time and effort to answer.

    So to sum it up, if you were to get a temporary stealthy vape while waiting for the GH, get the Elite. The Flowermate mini pro has super stealthy design though, maybe future generations will improve? I would go for the Elite over the Flowermate. I do expect Flowermate to continue to improve as well. What about v2 pro series 7 or theg pen elite. Maybe purl5 deja vu. With waterfilertion. Iv been smoking for 40 years just started to vap love it.

    Easy vap 5. Dont like combust at low temperature thanks. Be advice Donovan. I have not tried the Puri5 Deja Vu, however they are a company that re-brands existing products for a higher price. Do you have any thoughts on a dry herb vaporizer that is the best for Keeping the smell to a minimum both during a session and after. I am most always solo and only need hits to get where I want to be when I smoke so I ordered a GH thinking it was stealthy and could use small loads but with summer daze upon me and no hopper in sight I am starting my search again.

    Small,Stealthy and portable is cool but keepin the aroma to a minimum is key. Hey OldStoney, I would check out the Firefly 2. Whereas with a conduction unit like the Pax 2, G Pen Elite, Haze V3, and the Prima are always heating the herbs regardless if you are drawing or not. Same thing with the pre-heat on a conduction unit, the smell will release as the unit heats up. Hands down. Good info. What is recommendation for the best portable convection vap? Thought elite g was convection but I think it is a little of both.

    Want that for taste and quality and I am hoping it is a little better on the throat regarding harshness. My favorite full convection vaporizer for vapor quality is the Firefly 2. It has the best flavor, and also produces the coolest and smoothest vapor. First of all, thanks so much for the great info. Looking to buy my first portable. But I also read a couple interesting reviews on the Elevape.

    Any experience with that one? Wondering how it might compare. Thanks in advance for your time. The Crafty is pretty much the easiest portable vaporizer to use. The Pax 2 is the most portable unit of the three but not as easy to use as the Crafty. The Pax 2 requires a certain fine type of grind and the you get the best results with the chamber packed down pretty tightly. It also has quite a bit more draw resistance than the Crafty. The elevape will be the hardest to use but possibly one of the best tasting. Honestly if you wanted a convection unit I would recommend the Firefly 2.

    So maybe the Crafty or the Firefly 2 unless you wanted the best for overall portability, then I would recommend the Pax 2. The Crafty and Firefly both have 2 year warranties I believe. Thanks for reaching out. It features a full glass channel and bowl, so it should taste as pure as it should be, or so they claim.

    Plus, it features an incredible range of stable temperatures, making it easy to be able to vape near anything. Since I hardly smoke will vape on my own always with my gf on my side , it has to be able to handle 2 hardcore smokers. It has to be able to take some rough travelling, festivals and nights of getting wasted.

    Since I love experimenting, it should be able to produce vape as pure as possible, hence the glass in the Ascent drew my attention. I hope my demands on my vaporizer are understandable and that you might be able to help out on a choice. Excluding accessoires. Hey Kromme, sorry for the late reply! I would have to go with the CFX or the Ascent. Between those two, you have to decide if the heat up time will be a problem. The Ascent takes about 50 seconds whereas the CFX will heat up in about 20 seconds.

    Both chambers are huge and work very well in group scenarios. Next, the CFX has some draw resistance whereas the Ascent is pretty much one of the freest flowing portable vaporizers. Two year warranty on both the CFX and Ascent. Both have full temp spectrums. Lastly, I think the display and buttons are much better on the CFX. Let me know if you have any more questions and thanks for checking out my site! I also make a small commission if you purchase the vaporizer using my links. Hey buzz, i have a vapedynamics V1. OS and just found out that these are now called the Flowermate V5.

    I mostly vape at home on my own and nearly always dry herb and i usually find that one bowl is enough unless im on a session or friends are round. The CF will offer much faster heat up times, better battery life, easier to use, less draw resistance and be much more consistent. Try to catch the CF on sale at puffitup and I think it would be worth the upgrade. Hello- you really seem to know your stuff about vapes!

    This is all a bit overwhelming for me though, since I know nothing about them and there are so many- I have to get one asap though, and I would really like to make the correct choice based on these requirements:. Hey Fred, I think the vape that will be the very most fitting for you would be the Grasshopper. Unfortunately it is on pre-order, but you might be able to find one at a third party distributor in stock. Otherwise I would consider the Sticky Brick Junior which is a butane torch powered vape, but its very powerful and quick.

    You can take 1 or 2 quick hits and get everything you need. Lastly I would consider the Boundless CF which is a session vape, but its a fast session vape with quick preheat. This is really good! Kindly please suggest something? The firefly 2 is very expensive :. Replaceable batteries, dual chambers, vapes concentrates and dry herb. I think you should send me an email at admin vaporizerwizard. I have the original Vapcap and will get a full review up soonish, however I do have a few more I am working on first. I personally use my Pax 2 more than my Vapcap.

    The Vapcap is more of a 1-hitter style unit with a very small bowl size, similar to the GH but less powerful and versatile. Is the CFV better? Also do you have a CFC from boundless on the way? Will you be looking at that one? And how about the firewood 4. Overall the CFV is decent, but nothing terribly amazing. I dohave the Firewood3. The Grasshopper can produce the densest and thickest vapor. Hey Buzz, thanks for all the reviews! I was pretty sold on the firefly 2, claiming on its website to expect 10 puffs from.

    Temp control is important to me as I know the cannabinoid content of my herbs and each one vapes at different Temps so exact control is important to me.. What would u recommend? And thanks again for your reviews! It is also able to keep good flavor longer than my other on demand units, and the app has the power tuning feature which basically allows you to set any temperature you want. It seems easy and discreet but lacks what I am looking for.

    Canada's Dry Herb Vaping Shop! Online Vaporizer Deals - xaqyvipapywa.tk

    Not sure how to separate or pick just one. This will be mostly for at home use with maybe some outside usage. It would be great to have one with premium vapor production, healthy — no plastic or other chemicals potentially leaking into the vapor or taste or flower, minimal maintenance and quality construction.