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Great place to work with awesome benefits! House-made products that taste really good. I started my job here with 12 years of kitchen experience already but I constantly am learning new things day in and day out. If your looking to work in the cafe and want to learn, this is the place for you. When I come into work I don't fret, I actually enjoy my time when I'm here. A lot of times I'll come in for the day and do my thing and next thing I know I look up at the clock and it's time to go home!

HL review. Health benefits are pretty good and the angel food program is good, wages are low for expected work and moral is low because of that. Needs Improvement. You will be asked to do work that is not in your job description and will not be compensated for it. Depending on your department you might recieve 1 extra person for help but were short staffed as it is so it will likely leave another department shorthanded.

The management claims that they accept feedback yet it has been proven continuously that they do not. We have often spoke to management about how thin we feel we are being stretched and deserve to have more help hired so we dont feel so worn out and the moral doesnt stay at the upsettingly low point its been at for the last year or so.

What we recieved was a loss of pay during our only break for the day, which is 30min, and the stores minimum pay raised from 11 to 13 an hour.

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Which, for myself, is actually a pay decrease. I've been here for a while and do several jobs throughout the store that are not in my job description, yet I get paid the same as someone whos literally just been hired. If anybody asks for any amount more you get the "its not in our budget" line from, but they have it in their budget to open 3 new stores Management is constantly trying to do things to make up for our lack of compensation, like hot dog parties, which nobody asked for. We just want be payed enough to make a liveable wage that competes with the constantly increasing cost of living on Vermont.

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The best part of the jobs is when food expires, they offer it to us before they take it to the homeless shelter. So I guess if you like expired food thats 1 benifit to working here. Also Healthcare is a plus. Healthy Living is a wonderful place to work. All of my coworkers that I work with are very friendly and helpful. Their is a real feeling of community and team work, that we are all working towards a meaningful goal. The management recognizes the work that you do.

Their is a lot of valuable skills that I have learned working here. Their are many benefits to working here at healthy living compared to other careers. I genuinely enjoy coming to work and I would recommend this career to anyone. Been here for a long time. The job is easy, the coworkers are the best part. The company isn't always transparent with their reasoning for major changes, and they don't really listen to the staff except for a select few. Angel food used to be an awesome benefit, but they've cut it down so much that it's hard to come by.

I've been here for more than a couple years now and obviously I like the job enough that I haven't left, but I feel like my years of service don't mean anything to the upper management. A lot of recent changes haven't gone over so well with the staff, and the store turnover is so high because they don't give us a reason to stay over somewhere that pays more. A Great Place for those with an Open Mind. Healthy Living is an enjoyable place to work as long as an open mindset is maintained. There a good variety of positions one can choose from, a solid discount on a wide range of products, a great benefits package, and the opportunity to learn about many aspects of the grocery, beer and wine, produce, and wellness industries.

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The workplace culture is very eccentric and is fairly free of judgement. The assistant managers and supervisors are very friendly and a pleasure to work with! Those that don't fly with the rest of the flock will be at home here! It's much like the Island of Misfit Toys! One huge aspect about my job that I enjoy, is that every day is different. Each day has it's own particular challenges and problems that have to be solved. This helps me never feel as if I am bored.

It also provides the opportunity to constantly learn new things and ways to improve my skill set. Management at Healthy Living is honestly some of the best I have worked under. Management is fair, flexible, reliable and always helpful.

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I always feel my opinion is valued, which is extremely empowering. Healthy Livings workplace culture is some of the best culture that I have experienced in my working life. The staff are some of the nicest and most down to earth group of individuals to work with. This not only makes my communication much easier. But it frankly makes it a joy to come to work. The hardest part of my job can be the amount of volume that can arrive at a moments notice. Although, this forces me to come up with the most efficient and fast procedure to help our vendors out as best we can.

The best part of my job has to be relationships I have with our vendors, who have been delivering for years to Healthy Living. I also enjoy communicating and being able to be an asset to our category managers and departments that need our assistance. Cafe Counter. The hours can be a lot sometimes, and when it gets busy it's really difficult to manage without support. Everyone, however, is super helpful and willing to go above and beyond.

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My coworkers are often the best part of my day at work. Human Connection. It has been a pleasure to be a part of team HLM.


It is such a special privilege to be a part of an organization and team of humans that hold similar values as I, while also working to expand my mind and open my eyes to new ways of thinking often. No doubt I am grateful for the ways in which HLM allows me to connect with others and work towards my goals holistic wellness.

I dig it here, folks are clear with what they want and expect. I work part time and I really enjoy the crew that I work with.

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My manager is so easy going and easy to follow, my tasks are presented directly and I am able to perform my job free of any stress from it. This is particularly beneficial because I work overnight and it doesn't have any negative impact on my emotional well being.

Healthy Living Market Review. Healthy Living has come a long way since I started almost 8 years ago. There is a real effort to turn around the past reputation that wasn't so shining, and that effort is working. The culture is great. I've gotten along with everyone I worked with, and feel supported by my manager and coworkers. Personally, I've been able to advance in my career and love what I do. The new family leave policy is extremely generous. The pay scale has been getting more competitive.

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